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The table below contains brief descriptions of all the software products available on the site. The products are sorted alphabetically. Some products are available in more than one of the following catalogs Open Source, Government Use, End User, and Public Domain and are listed more than once.  Some products are only available to specific user groups, so after creating an account, you may not have all of these titles available for purchase/download. If you have any issues or questions about product availability, please contact Pam Dawson at 509-375-2075 or Pamela.Dawson@pnnl.gov

Software Title Description Catalog
Active and Passive Economizer Diagnostics for Rooftop and Air-Handling Units The software uses data from air-handling units or rooftop units to detect operational problems with the economizer operations. A message detailing the diagnostic results will the... Open Source
Akuna Akuna is a user environment that enables geoscientists to create conceptual models for subsurface investigations. These conceptual models can be augmented to create numerical... Open Source
Aroin Arion is a library and tool set that enables researchers to holistically define test system models. To define a complex system for testing an algorithm or control requires... Open Source
ATLAS (Automatic Tool for Local Assembly Structures)  ATLAS (Automatic Tool for Local Assembly Structures) is a comprehensive pipeline that is massively parallel, scalable, and modular analysis pipeline for assembly, annotation,... Open Source
Battery Storage Evaluation Tool (BSET) The battery storage evaluation tool developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is used to run a one-year simulation to evaluate the benefits of battery storage for... Government Use
Battery Storage Evaluation Tool (BSET) The battery storage evaluation tool developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is used to run a one-year simulation to evaluate the benefits of battery storage for... End User
Bayesian Support Vector Machine (BSVM) A modified nonlinear Bayesian support vector machine (BSVM). Technologies are needed for effectively managing building energy performance, especially in the commercial buildings... Open Source
Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) The Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) uses existing emissions inventories, emissions factors, and activity/driver data to estimate annual country, sector, and fuel specific... Open Source
Data Feature Extraction for High-Rate 3-Phase Data This algorithm processes high-rate 3-phase signals to identify the start time of each signal and estimate its envelope as data features. The start time and magnitude of each... Open Source
Demeter Demeter is a land use land cover downscaling and change detection model.  It is an open-source model written in Python that downscales zonal land allocation projections to the... Open Source
Demeter-W Demeter-W, an open-access software written in Python, consists of extensible module packages. It is developed with statistical downscaling algorithms, to spatially and temporally... Open Source
EMSL Arrows Arrows is a software package that combines NWChem, SQL and NOSQL databases, email, and social networks (e.g. Twitter, Tumblr) that simplifies molecular and materials modeling and... Open Source
EMTA-NLA EMTA-NLA (Eshelby-Mori-Tanaka approach (EMTA) combined with numerical techniques for fiber length and orientation distributions to determine the behavior of the as-formed... Government Use
Energy Operation Model (EOM) Operation Model (EOM) simulates the operation of the electric grid at the zonal scale, including inter-zonal transmission constraints. It generates the production cost, power... Open Source
eSTOMP-WR eSTOMP-WR (exascale Subsurface Transport Over Multiple Phases) is a highly scalable (parallel), general-purpose tool for simulating subsurface flow and reactive transport in... Open Source
Facility Energy Decision System (FEDS) Decision-Making Software for Energy Efficiency The Facility Energy Decision System (FEDS) is an easy-to-use building energy efficiency software tool that quickly and objectively... Government Use
Formularity Formularity is software for assignment of molecular formula from high-resolution mass spectra. It includes graphical user interface for two search functions - Compound... Public Domain
Framework for Network Co-Simulation (FNCS) FNCS 2.0 is a brand new implementation of the concepts established by FNCS 1.0 (https://github.com/GridOPTICS/FNCS). Cooperative simulation, or cosimulation, is the process in... Open Source
GIBS GIBS is a Grand canonical Monte Carlo (GCMC) simulation program for computing the thermodynamic properties of ionic solutions and their distributions around biomolecules. GIBS... Open Source
GridAPPS-D GridAPPS-D is an open-source, open architecture, standards based platform for development of advanced electric power system planning and operations applications. GridAPPS-D... Open Source
Haystack Haystack - An automation tool that deploys agents to computers across a network to mimick human-like behaviors. Open Source
HELICS Energy systems and their associated information and communication technology systems are becoming increasingly intertwined. As a result, effectively designing, analyzing, and... Open Source
Intelligent Load Control (ILC) The intelligent load control (ILC) is an algorithm deployed via VOLTTRON™, a software platform, to a building’s control system. During periods when power use peaks, the technology... Open Source
Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System (JSATS) The Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System (JSATS; http://jsats.pnnl.gov/) Autonomous Receiver Data Filtering Software was developed to process raw detection files downloaded... Government Use
MASS1 The Modular Aquatic Simulation System 1D (MASS1) simulates open channel hydrodynamics and transport in branched channel networks, using cross-section averaged forms of the... Open Source
MerCat: A versatile counter and diversity estimator MerCat is a parallel, highly scalable and modular property software package for robust analysis of features in next-generation sequencing data. MerCat inputs include assembled... Open Source
MULTI-period Nash Bargaining for Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources  Flexibility from residential loads presents an enor-mous potential to provide various services to the smart grid. In this paper, we propose a unified hierarchical framework for... Open Source
Nekton Interaction Monitoring System (NIMS) The software provides a real-time processing system for sonar to detect and track animals, and to extract water column biomass statistics in order to facilitate continuous... Open Source
OpenEIS OpenEIS was created to provide standard methods for authoring, sharing, testing, using, and improving algorithms for operational building energy efficiency with building managers... Open Source
Optimal Sizing Tool for Battery Storage in Grid Applications The battery storage evaluation tool developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is used to run a one-year simulation to evaluate the benefits of battery storage for... Government Use
Optimal Sizing Tool for Battery Storage in Grid Applications The battery storage evaluation tool developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is used to run a one-year simulation to evaluate the benefits of battery storage for... End User
Oscillation Baselining and Analysis Tool (OBAT) The Oscillation Baselining and Analysis Tool (OBAT) performs the oscillation analysis and estimates modes of oscillations (frequency, damping, energy, and shape). The tool also... Open Source
P-Mart P-Mart offers a series of statistical modules associated with quality assessment, peptide and protein statistics, protein quantification and exploratory data analyses. The... Open Source
Parallel k-means++ A parallelization of the k-means++ seed selection algorithm on three distinct hardware platforms: GPU, multicore CPU, and multithreaded architecture. K-means++ was developed by... Open Source
PeakWorks PeakWorks© is designed to assist in the quantitative analysis of atom probe tomography (APT) generated mass spectra. Specifically, through an interactive user interface, mass... Open Source
Power Plant Model Validation (PPMV) Tool The PPMV is used to validate generator model using disturbance recordings. The PPMV tool contains a collection of power plant models and model validation studies, as well as... Government Use
Sensor Suitcase Tablet   This tablet software is a part of the Retro-commissioning Sensor Suitcase system.  It guides users through the sensor configuration, deployment, and data retrieval stages of the... Government Use
TESP -Transactive Energy Simulation Platform TESP combines existing domain simulators in the electric power grid, with new transactive agents, growth models and evaluation scripts. The existing domain simulators include... Open Source
ThermalTracker The ThermalTracker software automatically processes recorded video and extracts the information about animals captured in the video that is relevant to doing a risk assessment or... Open Source
Unambiguous metabolite identification by hybrid 1D 1H NMR/ESI MS1 approach The software product improves accuracy of metabolite identification by combining direct infusion ESI MS1 with 1D 1H NMR spectroscopy. We firstapply standard 1D 1H NMR metabolite... Open Source
VOLTTRON What is the VOLTTRON™ Platform? Our energy system is changing rapidly. Across buildings and the grid, digital technology is producing new data streams that offer in-depth... Open Source
Xanthos Xanthos is an open-source hydrologic model, written in Python, designed to quantify and analyse global water availability. Xanthos simulates historical and future global water... Open Source
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