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This site provides access to software developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  U.S. Government users can obtain software under the Government’s rights and with no license fee.  Commercial products, Open Source products, and Public Domain products are available to other users.


To see what software is currently available:

  • Browse the Catalog Overview to view products in the Open Source, Government Use, End User, and Public Domain Catalogs. Note: If you click Shop you should be able to view products in the Open Source and Public Domain Catalogs now.

Once you find something you want to download:

  • Create an Account
  • After successful review of your account information, you will be able to download products from the Open Source and Public Domain Catalogs.
  • The ability to view and download products from the Government Use and/or End User Catalogs may be delayed until additoinal account reviews have been completed and your account has been approved.
  • You will be notified via email when your account is approved at which time you can proceed to view and download from additional catalogs.

If you have problems or questions, please contact Christina Lomasney at christina.lomasney@pnnl.gov.

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